Photographers often study light and the importance of different types of light in creating an excellent photograph, however often it is the lack of light that creates a truely beautiful image. As people we gravitate towards light as it is the visible, the known, the certain. In the darkness we see uncertainty, the biggest enemy […]

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Les couleurs d’Arles

On 20 February 1888, Vincent Van Gogh arrived in Arles in search of warmer weather, and the light and bright colours of southern France. Arles is a combination of cool blues, and earthy yellow hues, working together to bring harmony in the small town, hidden away in the French countryside. The paintings Vincent created in […]

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Trevor Likely wins club best and fairest award over crowd favourite

Footballer Trevor Likely has surprised many by winning the Unseen University Academicals Best and Fairest Award over crowd favourite, Ponder Stibbons. Unseen University Academicals club President, Mustrum Ridcully, presented Mr Likely with the award at the team’s annual awards night at local hotel, The Mended Drum. “Trev played with fortitude and skill. Without him we […]

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Drunk Senator drives government car

Prominent Senator, Havelock Ventinari will face court next week, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Ankh-Morpork last night. Police Constable Fred Colon of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch confirmed Senator Ventinari was driving a government car at the time of arrest on the corner of Negotiable Affection Street and Drawn Shades Avenue. “We’re […]

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Female doctors steal the spotlight

Female members of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have made history this year by outnumbering their male colleagues for the first time. The RACGP announced on Monday more than 50 per cent of general practitioners are now women. Chief Executive Officer of the RACGP, Dr Zena Burgess, said she was thrilled an increasing […]

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